Endorsed by the St. Lucie News Tribune (TC Palm)  They said: ""Gausten is a former Wall Street executive with a solid grasp of financial matters.  Her background would be an asset to the council as it attempts to navigate numerous fiscal challenges.

Gausten also is a person of action.  In 2015, she organized community efforts to oppose Compost USA, a controversial compost plant that was proposed for western St. Lucie County.


I want to thank everyone who supported my campaign. Over thirty-five thousand people in Port St. Lucie voted to join me in my effort to serve our city as a member of the city council, but 761 more people voted for my opponent.

I am deeply honored and truly humbled by the support of so many people because they recognized and shared my concerns for our city. I didn't win, but I still intend to serve our city by giving voice to our shared concerns.  

Now it falls onto the new council to navigate through numerous issues going forward, and I want to wish the city council success in making the right choices.

Regardless of who you voted for, it is important that more people engage with our government, because that’s what makes government better. I would like to share some interesting statistics with you.  There are approximately 114,000 registered voters in the City of Port St. Lucie, about 23,000 did not vote at all, and of the voters who voted for President, about 20,000 didn’t vote in the City Council race.

My thanks, and my very best wishes and regards, to all of my 35,000 plus voters and my over 180,000 neighbors.

-        Linda Gausten

Contact Information:

Email: lgausten@yahoo.com